Association Constitution

1. Name.
The name of the Association shall be the Teignmouth Twinning Association.

2. Aims.
The aims of the Association shall be to form links between Teignmouth and communities abroad, to the mutual benefit of both.

3. Membership.
a. Membership of the Association shall be open to all on payment of the appropriate membership fee.
b. The Membership Fee shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting.
c. The Membership Fee shall cover the period from 1st January in any one year to 31st December in the same year.

4. Election of Officers
a. The election of officers of the Association shall take place at the Annual General Meeting each year, and shall be as follows: Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Treasurer,  Secretary, Membership Secretary. Any person may hold more than one office.
b. The General Committee of the Association shall consist of the elected officers, plus a maximum of 8  other elected or co-opted members. No elected or co-opted member may serve for a longer period than two years without being re-elected or co-opted.
c. The General Committee shall undertake the general management of the Association throughout its term of office.
d. The General Committee shall have power to co-opt members and appoint sub- committees. e. A member may be co-opted only if the membership of the General Committee does not exceed the 8  members in Clause 4b. above.
f. Should an elected officer’s position become vacant during the normal term of office, the General Committee have power to appoint a temporary replacement.
g. Any officer or Committee Member shall cease to act as such should he or she fail to attend three consecutive meetings unless an adequate reason is given to the Committee.
h. Quorum for Committee Meetings. A Quorum for General Committee meetings shall be five members, of whom two must be officers.
i. Voting Rights. All officers and members shall have equal voting rights at General Committee Meetings, with the Chairman having a second or casting vote.
j. All officers and up to eight General Committee Members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Association, which will take place in November each year.
k. Nominations for all officers and committee members must be made in writing, proposed and seconded by members of the Association, and submitted to the Honorary Secretary before the commencement of the Annual General Meeting. Should there be no written nomination for a particular vacancy, (either officer or general committee member), the Chairman has power to accept nominations from the floor of the meeting for that vacancy. Voting rights in all elections are restricted to fully paid-up members. The Secretary shall have available to any member a current list of members of the Association. This list shall be made available to all members at general meetings of the Association.

5. Finance.
1. The Teignmouth Twinning Association bankers are NatWest Bank, Teignmouth .
2. Cheques drawn on this account shall be signed by by the Treasurer and one of the following three officers: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Honorary Secretary.
3. Any monies payable to the Treasurer for any events organised (or partly organised) by Association members shall be paid to the Treasurer within fourteen days of that event.
4. Costs incurred by the organisers of any event may be paid out before passing the monies to the Treasurer, provided that receipts are obtained for any single amount over £5.00 disbursed.
5. Review of Accounts The accounts of the Association shall be reviewed annually by a person nominated by the General Committee. These accounts shall be presented by the Treasurer at the Annual General Meeting each year.
6. Wind up of Association Should the Association be wound up, the assets, both financial and material, should be given to the Devon Twinning Circle for redistribution to association members of the Circle, or an equivalent organisation dealing with the encouragement of twinning.
Constitution adopted: 24th January 1984 Last Reviewed November 2014

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