History of the art exhibition

1998 Teignmouth artists were invited by Perros-Guirec to participate in an annual International Art Forum (Exhibition) with Quintin (Brittany) & Barr (Alsace).


1999 & 2003 The Exhibition was held in Perros-Guirec.  Teignmouth agreed to host the exhibition the following year and set up an organising committee for this and future exhibitions – TIAF.

The original committee members were drawn from the Teignmouth Art Society (TAS), the Teignmouth Twinning Association (TTA), the Town Council (TTC) and Teignbridge. 

2000 The Exhibition was held in Barr, Alsace.
2004 & 2008 The 2004 Exhibition was staged in the then new Teignmouth Community College Arts Building (TCC), forming part of the Silver Jubilee celebrations of the Teignmouth Twinning Association.    It included work from local Art Societies, independent artists, students from both TCC and Trinity School  as well as artists from the three French towns.

In 2008, 150 artists, including a group of Russian artists, and 40 students took part in the main exhibition.   In parallel with this, TIAF organised a children’s exhibition with children’s multicultural workshops running daily in the Carlton Theatre.

2005/6/7  2009/10/11 The exhibition rotated between the three French towns with work from Teignmouth artists being transported to the various venues by volunteer members of the TIAF committee.  We were unable to go to Barr in 2010.
2012 The Exhibition returned to Teignmouth and was held in two venues, the TAAG Arts centre and the Heritage Centre, with pictures also being shown in shop windows as part of a ‘Street Art’ show.



The exhibition rotated between the three French towns once more:  Quintin and Barr hosting for the last time (officially) but remaining guests to Teignmouth and Perros-Guirec in the future. In 2016 the exhibition returned to Teignmouth, with just Perros and Teignmouth being represented.


In 2017 the exhibition returns to Perros

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