Perros 2017

I’ll keep this page updated as we get more information, but please find below the latest state of play on our 2017 visit to Perros.

The dates are 28th April to 2nd May.
We’ll be leaving on the 10.00pm ferry on the 28th and making an overnight crossing, arriving into Roscoff the next morning. The ferry on the way home will be a day crossing, arriving back around tea time on the 2nd.

Transport, in the form of a coach, will be provided from Teignmouth to Plymouth, and we will be met by another coach for onward transport to Perros. On the way home, the reverse applies, but we leave Perros in the morning on the 2nd, and spend a few hours at a nearby town, which has a very large hyper market, where some members load up with ‘supplies’ before boarding our ferry home.

If you’ve never been before, then all you need to know is that you’ll be staying with a family in Perros, and our experience is that you’ll be treated like Royalty!  ‘Your’ French family will also provide transport for you during your three days in France, driving you to the various events that are laid on, and will keep you well fed and watered.

The itinerary for the event is here, please note that at the moment this is just a provisional itinerary and is subject to change.

When it comes to costs, it really is a cost effective way of visiting France, as all you have to pay for is the ferry crossing itself, and a small contribution towards the events program in France, at the moment we think these costs will be in the region of £150 per person. The exact cost will depend on your choice of accommodation for the night crossing, with choices ranging from a simple lounge seat up to a four berth en-suite cabin with outside view. We are also unable to provide an exact cost for the coach transport at the moment as although we have booked the coaches, the cost per person will depend on how many people come on the coaches and how many choose to take their own car.

As mentioned at the start, this page will be constantly updated as we get more information so please check back regularly.