A QUIZ WITH A DIFFERENCE (definitely not your usual!)

Held on Thursday 14th November 

A wonderful evening was had by all at the Quiz with a Difference held on Thursday 14th November and hosted by David Harrison.

Members and guests gathered for a Dutch Supper prior to the quiz in which around 30 people participated in teams numbering between 3 and 6.  We were pleased to welcome some of our fellow twinners from Stokeinteignhead Twinning Association.

Our thanks to David, who put in a lot of time and effort and enlisted Liz Green to assist with question setting.   A crib sheet was given out to help find the answers but don’t think that made it a doddle!   The excellent slides David put together for some of the questions have made us more familiar with things French and particularly Brittany.

The winning team with 59 points was Mayday (which was one of the answers!), whose members were David Quy, Christine Newman, Terry & Merril Mitchell,  Ray Dickson & Margaret Sheppard.  Certificates were awarded to each along with a small prize.  

The evening finished with a raffle organised by Ann Partridge, ably assisted by Sam.  We are indebted to (in alphabetical order!) Morrisons, Tesco Garage, Shop Dead Gorgeous and Tibbs the Grocer for their generous donations.  Some members also kindly donated items.

Wednesday 27th November 7pm
Committee Meeting

Saturday 18th January, 1230 for 1pm
Annual lunch at the Smugglers, Holcombe

23rd January
Bitton House

Date tbc (event postponed from September 2019)
Call My Wine Bluff!

An evening of wine tasting and fun.

21st-24th May 2020
Perros Twinners visit Teignmouth

The Twinning Committee has lots of ideas for events over the coming year so watch this space.